Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The declared aim of the quality policy is to ensure the long-term economic success of KREBS & RIEDEL.
We want to achieve this by establishing and maintaining long-term customer relationships, opening up new markets and customers and increasing customer satisfaction. It is our endeavour to commit all areas of the company to quality.

That means for us:

  • Customer orientation
  • Management
  • Involvement of persons
  • Process oriented approach
  • Continual improvement
  • Fact-based decision making

Quality principles

For the employees of KREBS & RIEDEL, the following quality principles are derived from this:

  • The needs of our customers have the highest priority and are the basis for performance-related activities.
  • For us, quality means that specifications and execution are in accordance with each other.
  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of his work within the scope of his tasks.
  • Our products may only be delivered when it has been proven that they meet the requirements.

EN Safety-Standards

As a founding member of the oSa – Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives, the relevant “EN Safety Standards” apply to us

DIN EN 12413
(Safety requirements for bonded abrasive products)
DIN EN 13236
(Safety requirements for diamond and boron nitride abrasive products)

The quality policy and the associated instructions are binding for the company KREBS & RIEDEL.